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Vernon, a unique site

Site unique en Europe
Come and see our facilities and equipment during our "incentive" days and seminars, mornings and conferences or during our symposia.
Each year more than 600 visitors learn more about the various aspects of safety and security by attending live demonstrations and visiting our laboratories. 
Located since 1988 on a centre covering 600 acres that is unique in Europe, we have exceptional testing laboratories and facilities:
  • A fire and environment laboratory (large fire hall with mobile ceiling, fire and explosion test areas, etc.), an electronic intrusion detection laboratory, an electronic fire laboratory, an environment and electromagnetics laboratory, a mechanical intrusion detection laboratory, and an actuated safety systems laboratory.
  • A pedagogical platform for training in fire-fighting and chemical hazards.
  • Teaching facilities for security and intrusion detection
  • An amphitheatre to seat 190 and 25 training rooms
  • A hotel with 118 bedrooms, restaurant, self-service facilities, etc

For your customers or your internal networks we can organize "incentive" days with various workshops and life-size demonstrations, based on custom specifications to meet your requirements.
For example,
  • Learn about the impact of smoke on evacuation procedures and disorientation in the smoke cellar
  • Understand the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of extinguishing agents or the operation of a water-based automatic extinguishing system of the sprinkler type,
  • Visit our test laboratories for the issuance of certification marks such as A2P or our equipment to validate the performance of safety products, or how we intervene in fire or malicious acts post-loss appraisal.
Some 25 workshops and demonstrations are on offer... Activities with our partner Automobile Club Prévention can also be arranged.
Hotel Mont Vernon
CNPP Exercices incendie sur site
You can also hold residential seminars using our facilities: Hôtel Mont-Vernon and the restaurants “le Liberté” and “La Cressonnière”.
Quotations and customized programs are available on request.
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Every year we organize seminars bringing together the various stakeholders involved in a technical or organizational issue (operators, users, manufacturers, installers and specifiers).
Thanks to our network, we can combine the best national and international experts and illustrate their arguments with demonstrations and exercises.
The latest issues addressed were:
  • Sprinklers: Understanding innovations to make the right choice
  • Renovating or rehabilitating buildings in safety
  • Mechanical protection: an effective guarantee for your security.
  • Access control: how to make the right choice
  • Evacuation: success depends upon previous preparation

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