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If you are looking for suitable protection solutions:

  • intrusion / burglary-resistance,
  • intrusion detection,
  • fire safety,

Opt for A2P-certified products.


A2P-certified products are guaranteed to be reliable and resilient for enhanced safety and security.

An A2P-certified product means :

  •  a comprehensive, inseparable assembly tested by CNPP laboratories,
  • an appropriate response to the threat / risk with the various levels of certification,
  • reliability guaranteed through regular manufacturing inspections by CNPP Cert.

Each A2P-certified product has : 

  • a certificate specifying its security/safety class,
  • identification by the A2P marking directly on the product.

Latches and building locks / Door assemblies / Windows and building closures / Strong boxes / Intrusion detection appliances / Smoke / mist generators / Automatic gas fire-extinguishing systems (AGE)

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