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For quality appraisals,

Fire / explosion, water damage, theft, machinery breakdown, natural and technological disasters, operating losses, agricultural losses, averages to pleasure boats, etc.


Contact a certified Insurance Expert and Assessor (IEA) :

  • Certified experts have a broad range of technical, legal and insurance expertise allowing them to intervene in a variety of fields. And in addition to their technical expertise, they are able to assess the financial impact of the loss.
  • Their skills are for the use of insurers and policyholders alike. Whether they are insurance company experts or policyholder experts, certified experts form the link between insurers and policyholders, notably through the analysis of the insurance contract.
  • They guarantee the service is compliant with a Code of Professional Conduct.
  • They are experienced professionals whose skills and know-how are recognized by CNPP Cert., an independent third party.

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