The utility of CE Marking

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) No (EU) 305/2011 is a European regulation designed to ensure the free circulation of construction products in the countries of the European Union.
CE marking certifies that the products are fit for their intended use and fulfil the basic requirements (performance, protection of the safety and health of people, of the environment, etc.).
CNPP Cert. is a notified body (No. 1116) by the French authorities to carry out the assessment and verification of constancy of performance (System 1) required under the "CPR" procedure. (Accreditation No. 5-0547 - Scope available on www.cofrac.fr).

Products meeting the standards: 
  • Of the EN 12 094-x series.
Products meeting the standards:
  • EN 12 101-8: smoke extraction dampers
  • EN 15 650: fire dampers
Products meeting the standard :
  • EN 12 101-10: power supplies
Products meeting the standard :
  • EN 14 604: smoke alarms

The assessment process

  • Initial type testing according to the relevant harmonized standard(s) ;
  • FPC Audit (Factory Production Control) with the following objectives :
         - Ensure that the means available to the manufacturer match those declared in the application file ;


Following these assessments, a certificate of constancy of performance is issued to the manufacturer by CNPP Cert.
The certification reference document : Procedure A201 - Fixed fire-fighting systems - March 2019

Would you like to obtain a certificate of constancy of performance for your product ?

The application file and the associated rates are available on request from CNPP Cert., via the contact form on the certification homepage or by email to certification@cnpp.com.

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