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Assessment of robustness to digital attacks

As soon as a safety system is "connected" to the web over an IP network, it runs the risk of a cyber attack. 

A digital attack is usually carried out via corporate communication networks, and the consequences of these attacks can result in the unavailability of hardware and / or systems, loss of data integrity, or the confidentiality of the information exchanged.

Evaluation de la robustesse

CNPP invites you to benefit from the assessment methodology developed by its business and computer engineers in order to analyze the vulnerability of your security hardware: 

The method and its different stages:

  • Vulnerability analysis: list of intrinsic flaws and weaknesses of communicating hardware
  • Testing using potential attacks to confirm the vulnerabilities and identify their impact
  • Criticality level vulnerability analysis in terms of ease of attack and severity of the impact (from denial of service to complete takeover)
  • Assessment report to prioritize the vulnerability treatment plan

Examples of hardware that can be assessed:

  • Video surveillance: cameras, digital video recorders,
  • Contrôleur Access control: readers, controllers,
  • Alarm control centres and transmitters
  • Fire Safety System (FSS)
    Cyber attaque

Why assess the robustness of your products to digital attacks?

  • To differentiate and promote your security equipment with your end-customers or installers
  • To benefit from the advice of neutral and impartial experts experienced in security

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