Conformity assessment and testing
Fully impartial assessment

Burglary-resistance tests

The experience acquired by our experts in assessing security products such as safes, building locks, doorsets and windows, shutters, anti-theft device motorcycle allows us to perform burglary and vandalism resistance assessments on an extremely wide range of products, such as time recorders, toll terminals, cycle locks, picture hangings for museums… to name but a few.
The systems concerned include vandalism protection equipment, anti-theft systems, burglar alarm systems, vandalism resistance equipment for industrial products, street furniture products and all types of products ...

The tests carried out can result in A2P certification of the product concerned or verification of compliance with a specific standard or protocol.

We perform burglary-resistance tests according to European and French standards, as well as according to specific technical reference documents for innovative products. The main requirements defined in the European standards involve tests carried out by test technicians using manual, electrical and/or thermal tools, representative of real attacks by burglars.

In an international environment, we have set up a reference certification for products not covered by standards. This certification is carried out on the basis of technical specifications that can be developed in conjunction with the manufacturers: CNPP Certified.


CNPP Initial


For innovative products, we have set up a reference certification based on technical specifications developed with the manufacturers: CNPP Initial.


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