Conformity assessment and testing
Fully impartial assessment

Building locks

The mechanical malicious acts laboratory carries out tests to validate the compliance of building locks. 



Building locks are categorized according to their break-in performance in 3 increasing class from 1 star to 3 stars.

They are designed to equip interior doorsets (apartment doors) or exterior doorsets (house doors).
A building lock is an inseparable set consisting of the lock, the mechanical, mechanic, mechatronic or electronic cylinder, protections and the strike.
This burglary-resistance classification is based on the burglar's methods of opening, know-how and time of action.



                                     Door equipped with a lock with 5 lock bolts
                                                             Example of lock
We can test the burglary-resistance and fraud/counterfeiting resistance of products equipping buildings for A2P certification.    
  • Building locks for individuals and the tertiary sector.
    LOGO A2P
Technical rules A2P T61 class A2P 1*; 2* and 3*. 
The assessment covers both mechanical-cylinder and electronic-cylinder locks.


A2P certification monitors market developments and takes into account cyber threats through technical rules A2P T61 @ incorporating requirements of resistance to "cyber" attacks.



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