Conformity assessment and testing
Fully impartial assessment


The Mechanical Malicious Acts Laboratory carries out tests to validate the compliance of doorsets. 

A door assembly is an inseparable set consisting of a door frame, a door leaf, a lock, hinges, anti-crow bar bolts, and can also be equipped with glass parts.

The types of doorsets listed below are classified according to their burglary-resistance, based on the burglar's methods of opening, know-how and time of action.

“Technical area” A2P doorsets

Doorsets for technical area are classified in 3 classes of increasing resistance from A2P CR4 to A2P CR6. These doorsets are intended for services sector and are mainly equipped with motorized lock enabling the use of access control.
  • Doorsets for professional use:
A2P T64-2 technical rules, A2P CR4, A2P CR5 ; A2P CR6 classifications.
These doorsets can also meet the expectations of the A2P T71-6 technical rule, to respond to ram attacks.

“Building” A2P doorsets

« Building » doorsets are classified in 3 classes of increasing resistance from A2P de BP1 à BP3. They are intended for dwelling (houses or apartments). They must be equipped with a A2P certified lock in accordance with T61 technical rule.
  • Doorsets for private individuals:
A2P T64-1 technical rule, BP1 ; BP2 & BP3 classifications. 

Doorsets compliant with  EN1627EN1628EN1629 and EN1630 standards.

The doorsets are classified according to their burglary-resistance characteristics in accordance with the standards in 6 increasing class from RC1 to RC6. They are designed to equip all types of premises or homes (indoor or outdoor use).
The laboratory is COFRAC accredited for European standards cited above.


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