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High security locks

High security locks
High security locks

The Mechanical Malicious Acts Laboratory performs tests to validate the compliance of high-security locks. 

The high security locks are divided into two families:

  • Mechanical high security locks of the key or combination type,
  • Electronic high security locks.
HSL are classified in 4 class of increasing security from class A to class D.
The requirements of the EN 1300 standard are intrinsic to locks, and cover non-destructive as well as destructive attacks on high security locks.
The EN 1143-1 " safes, ATM safes, strongroom doors and strongrooms, EN 1143-2 "Deposit systems", EN 14450 "Secure safe cabinets" requires that the products be equipped with one or more high security locks.
  • High security locks intended to equip the products:
Technical rules A2P T71-2; EN 1300 standard.
The tests carried out for A2P certification can be used within the framework of agreements between European certifiers grouped within the European Fire & Security Group (EFSG).
The laboratory is COFRAC-accredited for European standard EN 1300.


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