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Safes, strongrooms

Safes, strongrooms
Safes, strongrooms

The Mechanical Malicious Acts Laboratory performs tests to validate the compliance of safes and strongrooms

The tests consist in perform the products with manual, electrical and/or thermal tools to meet the requirements of the standards.

The requirements are:

  • "Total access" which usually involves opening the door in a destructive manner,
  • "Partial access" which consists to perform a hole large enough for an arm to reach some of the valuables (this requirement does not apply to strongrooms),
  • "Anchoring" which results in the removal of the safe,
  • In addition, safes must be equipped with high security locks to resist non-destructive attempts at opening. 

The classification of the products is used to select those capable of resisting break-ins, whether by amateur or experienced burglars.

  • Secure safes cabinets for use by private individual:
Technical rules A2P T71-4; EN 14450.
  • Safes for use by private individuals, businesses and the banking sector:
Technical rules A2P T71-1; EN 1143-1.
  • Strongrooms, strongroom doors for use by private individuals, businesses and the banking sector:
Technical rules A2P T71-1; EN 1143-1.
  • Deposit systems and night safes for the banking sector:
Technical rules A2P T71-1; EN 1143-2.
  • Safes for ATMs for the banking sector:
Technical rules A2P T71-3; EN 1143-1.
Free-standing safe
Built-in safe
                                                       Excerpt from the Practical guide to malicious acts security, 5th edition
Manufacturers design and develop safes to resist burglary and may optionally meet requirements for core drilling and gaseous and/or solid explosive attack.
We carry out these tests to obtain the option CD (core drilling), EX (solid explosive) and GAS (gas explosive), in compliance with A2P T71-1 technical rules; A2P  T71-3 and European standards EN  1143-1 and  EN 1143-2.
The tests carried out for A2P certification can be used within the framework of agreements between European certifiers grouped within the European Fire & Security Group (EFSG)
 The laboratory is COFRAC-accredited for European standards EN 1143-1 et EN 14450.


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