Conformity assessment and testing
Fully impartial assessment

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Manufacturers, you wish to qualify your devices according to your specifications or regulations (EMC directive 2014/30/UE, RED directive 2014/53/UE)?

CNPP makes its facilities and the know-how of its teams available to you.

The assets of CNPP laboratories

  • An offer fully adapted to your needs: CNPP experts implement optimized testing plans, that meet your requirements in both development and qualifi cation.
  • Impartiality and confi dentiality throughout the tests.
  • The skills of CNPP experts are regularly assessed and validated by the COFRAC
(French Accreditation body No. 1-0064, scope available on

Immunity tests

  • radiated fi elds up to 6 GHz, maximum value of the fi eld: 50 V/m at 3 m,
  • surge immunity tests up to 5,5 kV for pulse waveforms 1.2μs/50μs and 10μs/700μs,
  • fast transient bursts up to 5,5 KV,
  • induced fi elds,
  • electrostatic discharges up to 30 kV,
  • voltage dips and short interruptions.

Types of test equipments :

Faraday cages, surges, burst and dips generator, electrostatic dischargers.

Standards :

CEI 61000-4-2, CEI 61000-4-3, CEI 61000-4-4, CEI 61000-4-5, CEI 61000-4-6, CEI 61000-4-11

Emission measurements

  • radiated disturbances up to 18 GHz,
  • conducted disturbances,
  • flickers, harmonics.
Essais de conformité

Types of test equipments :

Faraday cages, RSIL, ISN, fl icker & harmonic test benches.

Standards :

CISPR 11, CISPR14-1, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-4, CISPR 32, CEI 61000-3-2, CEI 61000-3-3

Radio tests

  • power measurements PIRE / PAR,
  • out-of-band emissions / spurious,
  • sensitivity / blocking / saturation.

Types of test equipments :

Faraday cages, antennae, climatic chambers.

Standards :

ETSI/EN 300 220 – 1 / 2 / 3-1, ETSI/EN 301 489 - XX

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