Conformity assessment and testing
Fully impartial assessment

Functional tests

We carry out a technical assessment in response to a threefold objective:
  •  validating the performance of products at the end of development
  •  promoting your products or technological innovations
  •  gaining recognition among your customers and specifiers.

We validate the performance and functions of your products using the following methodology:
• Study of the product
• The development of technical specifications, if none exists, in conjunction with the manufacturer on the basis of the technical characteristics indicated in the documentation
• The performance of test checks to assess the capacity of the product to meet the specified criteria:
- Its ability to carry out the intended application (the product’s ability to function)
- Its ability for use (does the product correspond to the context of its use?)
- Its features and performance characteristics
- Any other criterion specified with the manufacturer in relation to its use
(e.g. tamper-resistance in terms of intrusion detection) 

  • Specific fire-extinguishing equipment
 • Stolen Vehicle Search System
 • Intrusion time-recorders and electricity meters
 • Video-Surveillance equipment (DVRs, cameras)
 • Surveillance robot
 • Protective device for utility vehicle
 • Protective device for computer hardware
 • Protective device for intrusion of objects (key box, shop window, time-recorders)
 • Protective device for photovoltaic panels
 • Protective device for various attacks (ram vehicle, etc.) 

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