Conformity assessment and testing
Fully impartial assessment

On-site assessment

Grouped by area of expertise, each year we carry out some 3,000 assignments in safety and security technology through on-site inspection services for the benefit of project owners.

  • We assess the safety/security installations in the field by performing:
    • A check of equipment features
    • An assessment of their compatibility (associativity)
    • Intelligibility measurements (Safety Sound System) on-site

 Actuated safety systems
Our experts carry out an on-site assessment of fire shutters, fire doors, smoke vents, hinged casements, smoke dampers, fan relays, and the unlocking of emergency exits in accordance with the NFS 61-937 standard.
The assessment includes:
- a functional checking
- a checking of the associativity of the actuated safety systems with the other elements of the Fire Safety System (FSS).
  • Associativity checkings
The identity folder for a fire safety system must include proof of the associativity of the equipment installed.
In some cases (old appliances associated with recent or specific products e.g. for potentially explosive atmospheres) the associativity report does not mention specific products.
The on-site assessment ensures the proper functionality of the associated products, and the report complements the identity folder, thus allowing the FSS coordinator or technical controller to have the guarantees they need to carry out their assignments.
The inspection basically focuses on:
-    A functional checking
-    A check of the technical compatibility of the products

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