Conformity assessment and testing
Fully impartial assessment

Our test facilities


Several environmental
chambers from 0.33 to 1.2 m3, with temperature ranges from -40 ° to
+ 180°, humidity range from 10% to 100% RH.
100-liter SO2 corrosion testing chamber and two salt spray testing ovens with 310 litres of usable volume.

  • Drip box,
  • Oscillating tube,
  • Water spray,
  • Fire hose,
  • Dip tank,
  • reference set of spheres and rods to simulate the penetration of solids.
  • One small and one large vibrator, to test products weighing up to 600kg,
  • One cylinder,
  • One special test bench,
  • Explosives tests
  • Small and large Faraday cage,
  • Lightning generator,
  • Burst and power line disturbance generator,
  • Electrostatic discharge gun,
  • Line Impedance Stabilizing Network (LISN),
  • Flicker and harmonics test bench
Backed by our experience of over 20 years in the field of acoustic tests, technical equipment of highest order is available to you:
  • anechoic chamber of 50m3 (4 x 2.9 x 2.8 m), with a background noise of 16 dB,
  • Reverberation room

Our facilities are implemented during the phases of development and realization tests, and to conduct studies and tests for businesses and organizations either as services or joint projects.
  • Furnaces and experimental resources that can be adapted to each requirement
  • Test booth compliant with the IEC standard
  • CNPP has a calorimetry hood that can be used to characterize the combustion of products or equipment:
  • Three large tests halls one of which covers 910 sq. m and a height of 24 m with a movable ceiling of 270 sq. m and a height of between 9 and 15 m
  • Containers for pool fires from 50 to 200 sq. m
  • Secure explosion area and metrology room sheltered from the effects of the explosion (Missiles / excess pressure)
  • A site covering 600 acres with vast opportunities for full-scale tests

  •  Measurement of the thermal radiation at a given distance
  •  Characterization of fume composition: CO, CO2, NOx, HCl, HBr, HF, VOCs, PAHs, formaldehyde, acrolein, PCB, dioxins, furans
  • Measurement of smoke opacity

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