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A risk assessment solution

Have you thought about assessing the risks in your company ?
In addition to the regulatory requirement, the single assessment document is an excellent opportunity for establishing a genuine risk prevention policy that can significantly lower industrial accidents and occupational illnesses in the long term..

With you, we identify and assess the risks to which workers in your company or organization are exposed.
 Our method consists in :
  • Prioritizing the risks,
  • Identifying priority areas for improvement,
  • Providing a dynamic, sustainable safety approach for your company,
  • Monitoring developments as the prevention programme is implemented,
  • Taking into account any changes in the situation during the analysis..

Our solution
We have specifically designed and developed a solution that allows you to assess the occupational risks in your business.
  • DIDERO is a software solution specially designed to manage professional risks* based on ISO 31000 (Risk Management - Principles and guidelines) and meeting the requirements of the implementing decree of 5 November 2001 (single assessment document).
  • We support you throughout the process by our consultants’ advice and special training on the use of the software..
This digital solution is a genuine risk management tool, and allows you to :
  • Define a multilevel tree structure of the organization being assessed,
  • analyse, assess and treat identified risks at every level of the tree structure,
  • develop a comprehensive risk map for each workstation, work unit, site or group,
  • manage risk treatment plans and the impact of corrective actions on the assessment,
  • publish reports, statistics and diagrams.

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