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We have developed our Sécuribase digital solution for regulatory monitoring, making it possible to easily find the texts in their consolidated version of the [French] Labour Code or the nomenclature for Facilities Classified for Environmental Protection (ICPE).
Our digital solution for regulatory monitoring allows you to:
  • Identify the regulations with which you must comply.
  • Monitor the applicable safety texts.
  • Fulfil the requirements of management systems (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001...) by setting up appropriate regulatory intelligence on aspects involving the identification of requirements and conformity assessment.
  • Carry out regulatory research on specific areas.
  • Supervise your compliance, monitor and manage your compliance action plan.
Accessing Sécuribase

Subscriber access: 2 options

Premium PackEnables access for 5 users to:
-       Text summaries
-       Modified versions of texts
-       Monthly receipts of one or more monitoring modules
-       The search engine
-       Regulatory updates per area of activity
Optimum Pack(Premium Pack + additional features):
-        Customized settings
-        Management of your regulatory compliance (creation of a repository, conformity monitoring and action plan),
-        Personal support by a consultant
-        Assistance service to answer your questions
-        Alerts on the risk area(s) of interest to you
Accessing Sécuribase

Annual fee excl. VAT for 2019
Personal use of Sécuribase
Access to Sécuribase with no regulatory alerts: € 1,000
Premium offer
Monthly regulatory alerts and access to Sécuribase:
- 1 theme: € 1,300
- 2 themes: € 1,600
- 3 themes: € 1,900
- 4 themes: € 2,100
Optimum offer
Please contact us for further details

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