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Health Facility Safety and Security Plan (FSSP)

Regulatory reminder

The Facility Safety and Security Plan (FSSP) defines the policy and overall organization required to secure a facility. It must be conceived as the document structuring the safety and security of the facility, it is above all a
practical document which must be used to challenge scenarios, whether they involve daily activities or exceptional incidents, and to develop responses suitable for the type of facility's activities and environment.
The FSSP must make sense in terms of the issues concerning the facility and the resources it can devote to them. Within this framework, the risk analysis must take into account the impact assessment, the analysis of the security loopholes specific to the facility and the probability of the occurrence of malicious events.
In accordance with Decree No. 2016-1327 of October 6, 2016 on the organization of the response of the health system ("ORSAN" plan) 3 and Instruction no. SG/HFDS/2016/340 of November 4, 2016, all health facilities are subject to an FSSP. For facilities that fall within the vital "Health" sector of activity, the development of their FSSP is complementary to the specific protection plan (SPP) for their vital importance point(s) (VIP). The
development of a FSSP will focus in particular on measures not covered by the SPP.

The main sections of an FSSP:

Risk Analysis 

Identification and prioritization of risks
Security loopholes specific to the facility
Identification of key points
Prioritization of security loopholes

Securing the facility in normal times

Preventive measures
Drafting a "health-safety-legal" agreement
Training, awareness and communication (staff, patients, subcontractors, visitors, suppliers, school students and training centers)
Monitoring Procedures
Prevention of radicalization
Protective measures (security systems in place or planned, protection of buildings, access, etc.)

Security enhancement in the event of an attack or a local crisis

Alert, communication and information (intervention file and warning systems)
Security enhancement of perimeter and access means
Gradual measures that can be implemented

Maintenance in operational condition of the FSSP and articulation with other plans

Organization selected for FSSP drills
Update of the FSSP
Articulation with other plans eg Vigipirate Plan, White Plan (ambulance service), Business Continuity Plan etc.

As part of the FSSP, we provide:


An analysis of the facility's vulnerability to malicious acts

The analysis involves the following phases:
An inventory of the safety and security of the infrastructures, property, personnel and public:
  • reconnaissance of the buildings, means of access and burglary-resistance to guard against
  • study of the organization of current safety and security, the measures and means in
    place and the internal control system.
  • post-audit assessment and identification of the rating tools for the scenarios to be used.
An analysis of vulnerability to malicious acts and recommendations:
This approach is based on CNPP reference document no. 6011 Vulnerability analysis, created and edited by CNPP.
On the basis of the information collected in step 1, scenarios of "sources of danger-targets" and acts of malicious intent are set up.
Each of the scenarios is ranked according to the severity of damage caused to the target in question and the frequency (probability) of such scenarios.
On the basis of the scenarios thus assessed, the analysis will enable:
  • a comment on the effectiveness of the deterrents and safeguards currently in place with respect to the scenarios studied
  • a proposal, if additional means are needed. These items may involve technical concepts (mechanical protection systems and electronic protection systems) or organizational measures (security procedures and instructions, training of staff, awareness-raising among sub-contractors),
  • a hierarchy of the proposals made.

Assistance in drafting the Facility Safety and Security Plan

Definition of the expected levels of safety and security, protective measures, follow-up of the corrective action plan

Assistance in drafting procedures

In terms of security and safety within the framework of the FSSP.

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