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Security of SEVESO sites

Vulnerability Analysis to counter the threats of wanton misconduct and terrorism.


Regulatory references

The government's instructions of 30 July 2015 on strengthening the security of Seveso sites against acts of wanton misconduct specify the operational procedures for a series of actions esigned to control the implementation of effective means of protection of Seveso facilities against wanton misconduct.
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  • Sending to each Seveso plant a copy of the "Vulnerability analysis guide for industrial chemical sites faced with threats of wanton misconduct and terrorism", produced by French National Institute for Environmental Technology and Hazards (INERIS). Based on the questionnaire annexed to the guide (file no. 8 of Schedule 1), operators must carry out a self-assessment of their sites before the end of October 2015.
  • Implementing an inspection of each upper- or lower-tier threshold Seveso facility before the end of 2015, in order to verify its compliance with the requirements for Facilities Classified for Environmental Protection (ICPE)for its protection against the acts of wanton misconduct prescribed by national regulations or prefectural orders.

Your goals when faced with threats of wanton misconduct and terrorism.

To prepare for the inspection by the Regional Directorate for the Environment, Development and Housing (DREAL) and ensure the safety of your employees, neighbours and facilities, you wish to:
  • Self-assess your organization and countermeasures to control vulnerabilities against acts of wanton misconduct in accordance with file 8 of Schedule 1 of the Ineris Guide.
  • Define and determine the organizational means, as well as reliable, future-proof technical means of protecting and defending against wanton misconduct (mechanical protection, intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control, etc.) suited to the threats.
  • Include in your internal operation plan (IOP) the threats and scenarios of wanton misconduct.

We help you with this vulnerability analysis:

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  • By carrying out a self-assessment of your security organization with reference to the "Vulnerability analysis guide for industrial chemical sites faced with threats of wanton misconduct and terrorism”.
  • By carrying out an audit of your organization to make it as efficient as possible by integrating cost parameters, and drafting safety and security emergency response cards, procedures and instructions.
  • By defining scenarios to integrate and update the internal operations plan (IOP).
  • By implementing a security master plan incorporating the prioritized recommendations according to the consequences, and by drafting procedures and instructions.

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