A contingency can have serious consequences for the survival of a business (accident affecting people or the environment, loss of utilities, withdrawal of a product, loss of a sole supplier).


The implementation of a business continuity plan (BCP) is a strategic choice which consists in implementing an operational emergency solution for the identified disaster scenarios.

  Plan de continuité

Your goals 

  • Ensure the sustainability of the company's vital activities (control the consequences and limit the impacts of major endogenous and exogenous contingencies),
  • Financially assume its share of liability for the contingency and facilitate the transfer of production to (an)other site(s),
  • Protect the company from a loss of activity which can be fatal in highly competitive branches of industry,
  • Boost its image with respect to its customers, suppliers and partners..

 We assist you during the different phases of the BCP :

  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Definition of the framework and purpose of the BCP (restart of activities)
  • Definition of the structure of the BCP
  • Drafting of the BCP
  • Support in setting-up the BCP and experimental testing.

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