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Class’IC®© : Software for ascertaining the ICPE classification and Seveso status of a facility

The overhaul of the nomenclature for Facilities Classified for Environmental Protection (ICPE) (introduction of 4xxx headings) related to the transposition of the Seveso 3 directive incorporating the consideration of the EC regulation on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP) came into force on 1 June 2015. It affects the ICPE classification of the activities of any plant, whether it falls within the scope of Seveso or not.

Your goals :

  • Determine the comprehensive ranking of your establishment under the ICPE nomenclature and categories applicable to a specific activity and/or the presence of hazardous substances / mixtures.
  • Assign an ICPE category to each hazardous substance or mixture used, according to the new classification criteria.
  • Determine the Seveso status (high threshold and/or low threshold) for your plant.

Our solution :

We have developed Class’IC®© software, making it possible to :
  • Determine the comprehensive ranking of the plant under the new ICPE nomenclature :
    • 1xxx headings (hazardous substances / mixtures that are not dangerous and operations implementing hazardous substances / mixtures);
    • 2xxx headings (activities) ;
    • 3xxx heading (specific activities covered by the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) and ;
    • 4xxx headings (Hazardous substances / mixtures under the Seveso regulation) ;
  • Automatic allocation for each hazardous substance / mixture, of an ICPE category based on the hazard indications, including in cases of multiple degrees of danger for the same substance / mixture ;
  • Automatic determination of the Seveso status applying the direct upper threshold and cumulation rules, incorporating the possibility of applying the 2% rule.
The Class’IC®© software marketed by CNPP was developed using Microsoft®© Office Excel and is compatible with versions of Microsoft®© Excel released after 2003.
In addition to acquiring Class’IC®©, our consultants can assist you at various levels :
  • Ascertaining the ICPE classification and Seveso status of your plant ;
  • Training in the use of Class’IC®© and support in its implementation.

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