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Notification or Registration File

Before creating or modifying a Facility Classified for Environmental Protection (ICPE) a file has to be drafted in order to notify the authorities of the activity in question, or to apply for its registration with the Prefecture.
We assist you during the drafting of the following :

Notification File, containing

  • Description of the facilities
  • Descriptions of the method and conditions of use, as well as the evacuation and treatment of wastewater and other any kind of emissions
  • Description of the waste disposal methods and operating residues
  • Description of the provisions taken in the case of a contingency
Risques environnementaux

Registration Application File, containing

  • Description of the facilities
  • Proof of the compatibility of the project with the town planning provisions
  • Proof of compliance with the general requirements applicable to the facility
  • Where appropriate, a Natura 2000 impact assessment
  • If necessary, proof of the compatibility of the project with certain plans, schemes and programs (e.g. Water Development and Management Master Plan (SDAGE), waste management plans, etc.)

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