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Safety Management System

Regulatory references

Decree of 10 May 2000 / Decree of 26 May 2014 (1 June 2014)
Under the current regulations, the SMS must be subject to periodic audits in order to :
système de management
  • Compliance with the targets set as part of the major accident prevention policy
  • Assess the effectiveness of the SMS and its suitability for the prevention of major accidents.
  • Establish an SMS: Defining the human organization, the procedures, instructions and resources associated with the prevention and treatment of major accidents.
  • Conduct an audit of the Safety Management System: areas for improvement, assessment of the effectiveness of the organization in place.
  • Obtain an internal audit report on the SMS in order to make it available to the inspector of classified facilities on the site (Regional Directorate for the Environment, Development and Housing (DREAL) / Regional and interdepartmental Directorate for the Environment and Energy (DRIEE), etc.).
  • Positioning analysis: identification of the differences between the organization of the site and the requirements SMS reference document (decree of 10 May 2000 or 26 May 2014 to 1 June 2014), comprehensive study of the hazard study and assessment of the practices and organization for the management of major accidents (documentary audit and field audit)
  • The definition of the project structure and the SMS implementation action plan according to the positioning analysis.
  • Implementation of the action plan.

Your goals to set up regulatory references

We support you in implementing the SMS by means of the following :

  • Help with monitoring the project (with participation in the meetings of the steering committee),
  • Assistance in defining the Major Accident Prevention Policy and site improvement objectives in that respect,
  • Assistance in drafting the SMS management manual, procedures and instructions,
  • Help in establishing SMS indicators and management tools,
  • Awareness-raising among staff about the SMS,
  • The preparation and facilitating of the management review, etc..

Auditing the SMS* :

  • Documentary audit: this step allows staff to become familiar with the SMS documentation and the various documents relating to the control of major accidents,
  • The on-site audit: audit of the organizational functions (safety, HR, maintenance, production), investigation of all the facilities and organizational items described as risk management measures (RMM) or important safety features (ISF)
  • Drafting of the audit report. This report highlights the strengths of the company’s SMS and notes the areas for improvement and nonconformities (major and minor) identified during the audit.
*In accordance with NF EN ISO 19011 "Guidelines for auditing management systems".

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