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Continuous improvement

In addition to a prescriptive approach, continuous improvement in environmental issues, security and malicious acts as well as occupational health and safety requires very good knowledge on technical and regulatory levels of the hazards and risks facing a company.

In order to manage their risks as part of a risk management and continuous improvement initiative, many organisations (companies, public bodies, etc.) have structured their management in accordance with recognised models (reference standards and systems).
We carry out diagnostics (or pre-audits or test audits) is to carry out a factual assessment of the readiness of a business unit in relation to the target certification criteria, by detecting any deviations without recommending solutions to them.
By carrying out audits, it is possible to measure management efficiency.
The audits are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 19011 standard, Guidelines for Quality and Environmental Management Systems Auditing.
 système de management

For the implementation of the Management System, we carry out :

  • An organizational and managerial diagnostic
  • An analysis and assessment of the practices and current organization compared with the requirements of the chosen reference document.
  • Regulatory compliance audit and regulatory monitoring

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