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ISO 14001

The formalisation of a company's organisation in order to control its impact on the environment is based on a recognised model in the ISO 14001 standard.

Normative Framework

The following standards and reference systems can serve as a basis for formalising that organisation:
ISO 14001: Environmental Management System,
FD X 30 205: Environmental management system - Guidelines for implementing a phased environmental management system
The choice of reference system depends on the context and the expectations of the company.

The deployement of the EMS : we assist you on your site

We provide methodological assistance in the implementation of the reference document and ensure compliance with of the program (in terms of the work done and lead-times).
We assist the EMS project manager in drafting the necessary documentation and validate the consistency of the documentation system and the specific procedures.
The CNPP can also take charge of preparing or adapting the relevant internal documents.

The strengths of our methodological approach

  • We are recognised experts in the field of environmental analyses in identifying and assessing the environmental issues and impacts of the organization through Sensitivity Control Probability Severity method (SCPS) that we set up in 1996.
  • We help you control your régulatory compliance, through our Sécuribase software solution.
  • We facilitate training in environmental issues, as well as technical and regulatory training and specific training on environmental management.

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