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Project owner assistance

To facilitate the implementation of installation projects, project Owner Assistance assignments (COA) can be in several forms depending on your objectives.

Your objectives:

During the construction, renovation or operational phase you want to have safety systems that integrate the requirements related to:

 Facilities concerned by Project Owner Assistance (COA):

  • Fire detection (fire detection and alarm systems - FDAS), Fire protection control panels (FPCP), etc.),
  • Smoke control
  • Fire hoses
  • Fixed fire extinguishing systems: sprinklers, fixed gas extinguishing systems, etc.,
  • Intrusion detection,

Contracting Owner Assistance (COA) in the design and implementation phases 

In the design phase        

During a Contracting Owner Assistance assignment (COA), we integrate all your objectives in terms of risk management, regulatory and other compliance early on in the study and design stages of your projects.
Our expertise in risk management allows us to support you in the design stage of your projects through assignments such as:
  • Risk analysis and the identification of the requirements applicable to the project.
  • This type of approach is applicable to all the types of risk that we handle: fire, environment, occupational health and safety, malicious acts.
  • Assistance in the Facilities Classified for Environmental Protection (ICPE) procedure, by drafting the operating licence application forms.
  • Safety studies for facilities storing explosive products (ESIPE) according to the Decree of 13 December 2005
  • Assistance in defining the functional security/safety specifications to be integrated with the project (master plan).
  • Overseeing the safety instructions scheduled to the Building Permit application file.
  • Study of the correlation between the facilities with the risks and regulatory requirements involved.
  • Inventory of the technical solutions and assistance in selecting them.
  • Participation in drafting the technical part of the Contractors Shortlist File (CSF): the detailed technical specifications, individual technical specifications, engineering brief.
  • Technical analysis of the tenders.
 Examples of advice and assistance provided by the CNPP
  • Project to set up an industrial site: Definition of the specifications to integrate with the project in terms of facilities classified for environmental protection (ICPE).
  • Project to convert a building into offices: definition of the Fire Safety specifications to integrate with the project in terms of Life Safety issues.
  • Industrial site conversion scheme: Definition of Fire Safety specifications to integrate with the project in terms of health, occupational safety, ICPE, and the protection of property.

In the implementation phase

In addition, the CNPP can continue to provide advice and assistance beyond the design phase and provide support throughout the life-cycle of your project from the Preliminary Project Draft Phase through to the effective start-up of your business.
  • Supervision of the construction drawings for the works and services on site.
  • Analysis of changes during the worksite.
  • Supervision of the as-built records/drawings (DOE).
  • Operations prior to acceptance (OPR).

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