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The Louvre Abu Dhabi

As part of an intergovernmental agreement between France and the United Arab Emirates for the creation of a Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, CNPP was mandated by the France Museum Agency to provide its cross-functional expertise in fire and malicious acts protection.
Projet Musée du Louvre Abu Dhabi
Musée du Louvre d'Abu Dhabi
CNPP has been working since 2008 on a comprehensive analysis of upstream risk, the supervision of the individual technical specifications for safety and security, the technical evaluation of the tenders, supervision of the construction drawings for the works, supervision of site services, etc.
We intervened since 2008:
A large-scale project bringing together the specific expertise of CNPP in technical consultancy and assistance services in the areas of mechanical fire protection (actuated safety systems, fire dampers, etc.), mechanical and electronic fire safety and security technology (sprinklers, fire hose stations extinguisher columns, electronic control system, intrusion detection, access control, etc.) 



A data center builder, INTERXION wished to be supported by CNPP in order to oversee the integration of its security systems (access control, intrusion detection, CCTV) and safety systems (Fire Safety System (FSS) and inert systems (automatic gas extinguishing systems (AGES) and to ensure compliance with the objectives and specifications defined in the design and implementation phase. The assignment began by:
  • technical analysis of the tenders,
  • supervision of the construction drawings,
  • participation in site monitoring and testing,
  • supervision of the as-built records/drawings (DOE)
  • and participation in technical operations prior to acceptance (PROs).

We accompanied Thales Communication during the installation of a fire protection system on a site in Paris. Our specialists intervened at three phases in the project:

  • During the design phase, they went on a fact-finding trip to the site, to analyse the risks involved and draft the Fire Safety System building programme. The latter takes into account the expected protection objectives, constructive constraints, operational constraints, and implementation constraints.
  • In the design phase, they supervised the fire detection file prepared by the industrial prime contractor (MOI).
  • Finally, in the implementation phase, they oversaw the acheived structure drawings (ASD).

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