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“Safety and Risk Control”



The purpose is to support safety staff in carrying out their duties (safety managers, architects, insurers, installers, business managers, etc.).

Issues addressed

Regulatory, normative and technical issues, such as those involved in determining:
  • The regulation applicable to an activity,
  • A regulatory reference and its contents,
  • Technical information based on a regulation,
  • The issues involved in a change in the regulations,
  • Normative references on a given subject.
Multi-sector issues:
  • Fire and explosion
  • Environmental risks
  • Occupational hazards in the workplace
  • Malicious acts


Our sources and skills

  • A rich documentary database: technical periodicals, standards, technical references, documents, etc.
  • Sécuribase, an on-line regulation database with more than 10,000 reference documents
  • Specialists: engineers and legal experts in safety (fire laboratory, training, audit and consultancy services)
  • A network of contacts with ministries and specialised organisations 

Our commitment

  • Direct contact with customers by the person in charge of dealing with the question in order to define their exact requirements
  • A reliable, documented answer
  • A written answer by e-mail

Our services and rates for 2019

Our "point package" plan entitles you to several answers (depending on the number of points purchased) during the year:
  • 120-point package (i.e. 2 hours): € 325
  • 240-point package (i.e. 4 hours): € 550
  • 360-point package (i.e. 6 hours): € 770
  • 480-point package (i.e. 8 hours): € 1,000
For an intermediate or higher point package, please contact us (
N.B.: One point corresponds to one minute of search time and written formalisation of the answer

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