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Risk assessment and management

Risk assessment consists in identifying and ranking the risks that may be encountered in the company, in order to develop prevention measures that are relevant, consistent, and suitable. It is the initial step in any risk prevention approach.
Risk class
Occupational risk assessment is the responsibility of the employer, who is required to ensure the safety and protection of the health of employees. To do so, the employer must identify and rank the risks to which employees in the company are subject before implementing appropriate prevention actions.
Ensuring safety also means training managers in risk assessment.
Risk treatment is the central phase of risk management.
It is through the measures taken out at this stage that the local authority or organization can tangibly reduce the risks to which it is exposed. These measures should affect the hazards and the vulnerability of the environment to them, or both whenever possible.
The process involves three main steps :
  • Identifying potential measures
  • Assessing and selecting the measures
  • Planning and implementation

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