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Eurenco trusts us !

EURENCO trust us!

Recognized for their high level of expertise and know-how in chemical synthesis and the transformation of energy molecules, EURENCO develop, manufacture and supply a highly diversified range of advanced energy materials.
We conducted fire behaviour and fire extinguishing tests on one of their flagship products: the Veryone Cetane Improver.
The specialty chemical additive is designed to improve the cetane number and therefore the efficiency of the combustion of diesel fuel in diesel engines. It is therefore a chemical that is both combustible and combustive.

Test 1
This test focuses on the behaviour of the Veryone Cetane Improver in the presence of a flame in 4 different phases: 
soft flame / harsh flame / pressure system / spark by electric arc.

Test 2
This test focuses on the behaviour of the Veryone Cetane Improver in the presence of heat sources in 2 phases: electric heating and gas heating.

Essai 3

Cet essai permet de tester l'extinction d'un petit incendie (4 litres) de VeryONE Cetane Improver avec différents agents extincteurs : CO2, Eau avec additif et poudre.

3 questions for Pierre Elmerich, Marketing & Sales Director for Veryone, a division of Eurenco

What were the objectives of the tests performed in the CNPP fire and environment laboratory?
As a world leader in its field, EURENCO wants to be at the forefront of safety. In this context, we wanted to have the behaviour of our product in the presence of flame and heat assessed by fire safety professionals. Although the scientific literature is available, experiments in real-life conditions had yet to be performed and filmed. The highly instructive videos allow us to reach out to the operators who use our products every day in the 4 corners of the globe. The two main objectives of these tests were to downplay the situation and step up safety attitudes.
To what extent have these tests helped you?
First, we learned a great deal in-house about the behaviour of our product in the presence of heat sources. Visitors to our plants will quickly become aware of the potential risks thanks to these videos. We are using these tests and videos to launch a major communication campaign on the safety of the use of our flagship product. As soon as the shooting of the videos in CNPP laboratories had been completed, that aspect was taken into account for our external communication. Finally, they confirmed our previous experience, that extreme temperature and heat are necessary for our product to ignite and decompose.
If you had to define the services of our laboratories in a few words, what would they be?
In CNPP we met fire safety professionals who were attentive to our needs, which were purely exploratory at the start of the study. Together, we refocused, modified and adapted the study based on the results as and when they came in. In the operational phase and during the filming of the how-to videos, the fire safety advice provided by CNPP was paramount for safely making the videos with maximum visual impact. The ready availability of the CNPP team both on indoor and outdoor locations allowed us to complete the 5 films on time.

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