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Sandwich panels

Reaction to fire tests for European ranking are carried out on samples of limited size... They do not allow the full assessment of the fire behaviour of a sandwich panel mounted on a building and subjected to a real fire.
We have therefore developed a half-scale test procedure for evaluating the fire behaviour:
  • of the panel
  • of its joints in a realistic situation, and
  • of the panel fastening systems and siding fall arresters.

The procedure is the subject of technical document T14A.
According to the observations and measurements made during the test, the sandwich panel can be classified Pa1 or Pa2 according to the requirements of technical document T14A.
Steel tray insulating cover
Technical document D14 defines the characteristics needed for steel roofs with insulation and sealing so that their contribution to the development of a fire inside a building remains very limited.
When the Co2 ranking of the roof cannot be automatically obtained, for example, because of a heat value higher than the required value in the D14 document, the latter allows for a full-scale ranking test.
If at the end of the test, the roof satisfies the test criteria of D14, Co2 ranking can be obtained.


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