Experimental research
Expertise and efficiency

Fire safety engineering

Smoke clearance engineering in public access buildings (PAB)

  • Evaluation of alternative provisions in the regulations for non-standard or rehabilitated buildings
  • Accreditation by the French Ministry of Interior
  • CNPP methodology
  • CNPP database, smoke clearance tests
  • Standard fire scenarios (at the request of the Ministry of the Interior)
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Support in designing, assessing, and optimizing the fire safety system by modelling 

  • Applicable to any type of building: facilities classified for environmental protection (ICPE) / Workplaces / Basic Nuclear Installations (BNI)
  • Rating of the tripping time for detection systems, sprinkler systems
  • Efficiency of inerting systems
  • Thermal loading and resistance of structures


Evacuation engineering 

  • Simple dynamic approach based on the dimensions in Article GA 23 (decree dated 24 December 2007)
  • Advanced modelling of the flow of people

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