Experimental research
Expertise and efficiency

R&D Activities

Water-fire interaction 

  • Subject of a PhD thesis presented in December 2013
  • Development of a predictive model of surface cooling by sprinkling
  • Study of hot gas cooling
  • Identification of possible applications of fire safety engineering
R&D modelisation

Modelling of evacuation conditions and time necessary for evacuation

  • Subject of an M2 internship presented in September 2014 on the critical analysis of existing advanced models
  • Subject of a PhD thesis which began in October 2014
  • Development of a stochastic approach to evacuation
  • Improvement in visibility modelling
  • Development of models applicable to fire safety engineering studies
R&D évacuation


Cohabitation between sprinklers / natural smoke clearance

  • Subject of a PhD thesis which began in October 2014, funded by the French Group of manufacturers and installers of thermal insulation and smoke evacuation equipment (GIF) affiliated to the French Fire-fighting Equipment Federation (FFMI).
  • Critical analysis of experimental studies conducted to date.
  • Investigation of the points which are not subject to consensus, based on tests and standard configuration modelling.
  • Development of a sprinkler / smoke clearance cohabitation guide.

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