Experimental research
Expertise and efficiency

A site unique in Europe

Thanks to technical facilities covering some 600 acres, we can combine all of the resources and skills needed to address your issues.

  • Three fire halls, including the largest closed hall in Europe, capable of recreating all types of fires and locations.
  • containers for pool fires up to 200 sq. m,
  • 1 mobile ceiling for tests of water-based fire extinguisher systems,
  • 1 calorimeter hood unique France. It can be used
    • To determine the heat output of a fire by measuring the consumption of oxygen,
    • determine the heat output of a fire in a store of finished products or raw materials, vehicle fire or other large-scale appliance (fire power from 10-15 MW)
  • 1 explosion site,
  • 1 oven to test fire shutters and smoke extraction dampers. This equipment is used to test fire integrity, ventilation tightness and insulation.

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