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Governance based on all of our stakeholders

Our partners form an integral part of the CNPP ecosystem. Most of them are represented on the Board of Directors of CNPP Association, which consists of 4 groups of stakeholders:

  • Key influencers: professional insurance organizations and their partners
         The FFA (French Federation of Insurance) 
         The CSCA (French Trade Association of Insurance Brokers)
         The CEA (Certified Experts Company)
  • The safety industry: trade associations
         The FFMI (French Federation of Fire Professionals)
         The COFRAS (French Liaison Committee of electronic security trade associations) representing
          - The GPMSE (Professional Association of Electronic Security Professionals) and
          - The IGNES (Digital Engineering, Energy and Security Industries)
         The UNIQ (National Union of Hardware Industries)
  • Organizations representing security and risk control companies and associations  
         The AGREPI (Association of Professional Engineers and Executives approved by the CNPP)
         The AMRAE (Association for Risk Management and Corporate Insurance)
  • Public authorities
         The Ministry of the Interior

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