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PhD thesis

CNPP currently hosts two PhD students working on:
  • Evacuation engineering in partnership with the Theoretical and Applied Energetics and Mechanics Laboratory (LEMTA) [part of the French National Centre for Scientific Research, CNRS)] in Nancy.
  • The interaction between smoke clearance systems and sprinkler-type facilities in partnership with the GIF (Group of manufacturers and installers of thermal insulation and smoke evacuation equipment).
Other work:
PhD thesis on the study of interactions between fire phenomena and water-based fire extinguisher systems and the development of a calculation module in FDS software (defence in December 2013). This work was conducted in partnership with the CNRS (Laboratory of Energy and Theoretical and Applied Mechanics) in Nancy and at the University of Lorraine.
It was the subject of lectures at the French Mechanical Engineering Congress, INTERFLAM, the 13th International Conference and Exhibition of Fire Science and Engineering, and the International Water Mist Conference.

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