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Origins and organization

Established in 1956 and approved by the State in 1961, CNPP Association includes the general interest activities and support functions of CNPP Group. Most of the members of the CNPP association are insurance companies, members of the French Federation of Insurance (FFA).
CNPP Entreprise established in 1988 and CNPP Cert. created in 2013 are subsidiaries of CNPP Association and support its commercial activities.

Key dates

1956: Creation of CNPP Association with the training department, the fire laboratory and the information department at Champs sur Marne (77)
1958: First issue of Face au Risque (Facing Risks
1961: Recognition as a public utility
1977: Creation of the intrusion detection laboratory
1986: 1st accreditation of the fire laboratory by the National Tests Network (RNE)
1987: Creation of the Audit and Consultancy Services Department and the electronic safety laboratory
1988: Creation of the CNPP Entreprise subsidiary and removal of the site to Vernon (27)
1992: Creation of the Risk Management Institute
1997: 1st accreditations by the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC) 
1999: Creation of the CNPP Cert. department and development of regional delegations
2006: 50th anniversary
2007: Creation of CNPP Benelux
2010: Creation of CNPP Morocco
2013: Creation of the CNPP Cert. subsidiary
2015: ISO 9001 certification for all CNPP France activities 
          Creation of CNPP Indian Ocean
2018: Creation of CNPP CYBERSECURITY

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