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“Incentive” seminars


For your customers or your internal networks we can organize "incentive" days with various workshops and life-size demonstrations, based on custom specifications to meet your requirements.


For example,
  • Learn about the impact of smoke on evacuation procedures and disorientation in the smoke cellar
  • Understand the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of extinguishing agents or the operation of a water-based automatic extinguishing system of the sprinkler type,
  • Visit our test laboratories for the issuance of certification marks such as A2P or our equipment to validate the performance of safety products, or how we intervene in fire or malicious acts post-loss appraisal.
Some 25 workshops and demonstrations are on offer... Activities with our partner Automobile Club Prévention can also be arranged.

CNPP Exercices incendie sur site
You can also hold residential seminars using our facilities: Hôtel Mont-Vernon and the restaurants “le Liberté” and “La Cressonnière”.
Quotations and customized programs are available on request.
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