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Interview of Bruno Ayrault

Bruno Ayrault took over as director of the CNPP Security / Malicious acts training centre on 1 January 2017. He replaces Gilles Goubin, who has retired after more than 10 years of excellent service with CNPP.
Previously Head of Risk Management Safety Prevention for 16 years at the Futuroscope theme park, Bruno also spent 16 years with the GIGN, the elite law enforcement and special operations unit of the French National Gendarmerie.

Can you tell us what your assignment entails?

My assignment is to provide instruction and training solutions for our customers' security problems.
Our courses are divided into three areas:
- Managerial training, including the CERIC technical cycle and managerial cycle, both of which are flagship training courses listed in the Level-1 National Directory of professional Certifications (RNCP) since 2016.
- Operational training for risks of aggression and violent or terrorist attacks, in which requests are constantly growing because of the current social and political context.
- Training courses on security technology such as video surveillance, intrusion detection, and cyber-risks since this year.
Our training content suits all business needs.
My role is also to ensure the correlation between the skills and expertise of our instructors with the expectations of our trainees.

What changes can you see coming in training on protecting against malicious acts and their impact on our offer ? 

Our customers need support to cope with security crises, from the development of an emergency plan to their business continuity plan, through simulation exercises. We have been able to meet these requests since 2016, and shall enhance our offer in 2017.
Customers for training on the risks of physical and verbal aggression are changing and so is our offer, because if previously we trained retail and utility personnel, we now train health workers, delivery personnel, and call centres.
In 2016, we started providing training courses in cyber-security from the technological point of view. In 2017, we shall be offering responses that are more managerial
The creation of personal training accounts and the registration of technical and managerial malicious acts courses (CERIC) in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) has led us to rethink about refresher courses: new modules have been developed so that trainees who have obtained professional certification can always improve their skills on emerging risks such as cyber-risks.
We are fortunate to benefit from the expertise available in CNPP laboratories and within  CNPP Cert. So I have an important challenge ahead: the enhance the level of cooperation between the various CNPP departments in order to enhance our offering of technology training courses.

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