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Published on 13/03/2019

1st Video Smoke Detection System certified

CNPP Cert. delivers the first CNPP Certified certificate for the video smoke detection system to the ARAANI company in Belgium its SMOKECATCHER product. This new smoke detection system is designed to support conventional fire detection systems.
To provide a framework of trust, CNPP has developed a method of assessing smoke and/or flame detection systems to measure their basic characteristics in terms of image processing, detection and software performance but also their capacity to withstand cyber-attacks.
Nicolas Sochard, Manager, ARAANI France - Ronan Jezequel, CNPP Research and Development Manager 
Maggy Baetens, ARAANI Technical Director and Co-founder - Pieter Claerhout, ARAANI Managing Director


CNPP Certified is a certification mark based on an initial laboratory test for safety and security products not covered by A2P certification, in particular those focusing on recognition in the international market.

Our fields of activity:

Pumps - Engines - Pressure switches – Butterfly valves - Sprinkler alarm devices – Video smokes and/or flames detection systems- Infrared cameras - T Heat detection systems by infrared camera - Systems for protection electrical cabinets against fire - Fixed fire extinguishing system for oil cooking fire - Digital video recorders - Video Monitoring Cameras – Key Lock boxes
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