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Published on 01/12/2017

CNPP Benelux wins the Fireforum Award

Rony De Donder (CNPP), Daisy Bogaert (Engie) and Peter Huyge (Sicli)      
Associated with ENGIE, CNPP Benelux wins the Fireforum Award in the category "Counselor in Internal Prevention", presented at a gala evening at the Palais des Colonies in Tervueren, on November 23rd.

What is the Fireforum awards?

The aim of the Fireforum Awards is to reward individuals or organizations who have distinguished themselves in one or another field of fire protection. These awards are given by Fireforum.
Fireforum is a Belgian association founded in 2009 by Agoria, and all stakeholders in the field of fire protection, the Fireforum mission is to increase the effectiveness of fire protection of property and people.
For the 4th edition Marnix Steenbeke, the president of Fireforum put the accent on the quality of the many projects that were submitted.

For which mission have we been rewarded?

The CNPP Benelux team assisted ENGIE in setting up maintenance procedures according to the FME approach and the implementation of associated training programs, at the KCD nuclear site in Doel, Belgium for a project entitled: "Fire prevention through the exclusion of foreign bodies".

What is the FME approach ?

FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) is the anticipation that a foreign object can cause damage in an installation that can lead to expensive repairs, breakdown, loss of production, fire and possible unsafe situations for the personnel. FME is a set of preventive measures, training, procedures and the correct use of material.
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