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Published on 28/03/2018

CNPP partner of the Fire exhibition

CNPP is proud to be partner of the Fire exhibition organized by la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie.

From April 10th to January 6th, 2019, CNPP offers the public the opportunity to discover and understand the risk prevention and control of fire and explosion.
For over 60 years, CNPP aims at preventing fire risks and protecting people and goods.
Partnering the Fire exhibition is a concrete demonstration of how important it is for CNPP to share its knowledge.
As part of the partnership, CNPP will promote the exhibition to its contacts. It will also make available pedagogical content and a mobile training unit during several weeks.
The exhibition focuses on the behavior of men facing fire and consists of 3 parts:
  • Discovering fire
  • Understanding fire
  • Fighting fire
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