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What to do in case of fire in hotels

30 instruction stickers

Author(s) : 
Illustrations : René Dosne

Publications : 
July 2007

Page count : 
Batch of 30

Format : 
Adhesive A5 instructions

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According to the safety regulations applicable to public access buildings (PAB), Article PE 33 (Order of 24 July 2006), "Fire safety instructions are to be displayed in every bedroom; they are to be written in French and completed by strip cartoons illustrating the instructions. The French edition can be supplemented by a translation in the languages spoken by usual occupants".
Strictly compliant with the regulations, based on the official texts, our instructions are in two languages (French / English) and are accompanied by a colour strip cartoon by René Dosne.
Our instructions are adhesive and available on washable polypropylene laminated paper. Their small A5 format means they can be added to the information already on the doors of the rooms in your establishments.

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