D32 APSAD standard eBook (anglais)

Cyber security

Technical document for security or safety systemes connected to an IP network

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June 2017

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21 x 29,7 cm

eBook 978-2-35505-259-0

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The objective of D32 APSAD standard is to support users, specifiers and installers in the design and installation of security and safety systems capable of withstanding cyber attacks. It defines the best practices and minimal recommendations when these systems are connected to an IP network, using a four-step methodology: a risk analysis and then the design, construction and maintenance phases of the facility.
The approach is based on assessing the criticality of potential attacks, i.e. the ease with which an attack can be made and the severity of its impact. It is designed to protect security systems (in particular the confi dentiality, integrity and availability of their data) but also the computer network on which they are deployed, the risk being that these systems become the weakest link and an access point for the spreading of attacks.
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