CEA 4102 eBook

Sprinkler Systems

Requirements and test methods for Foam Proportioners for Sprinkler Systems according to CEA 4001

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May 2015

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These CEA‑Specifications specify requirements and test methods for Foam Proportioners used in automatic sprinkler systems (wet pipe systems and dry pipe systems) conforming to the CEA Rules for Sprinkler Systems ‑ Planning and Installation ‑ (CEA 4001) or foam enhanced systems to EN 12845.
These CEA-Specifications specify requirements and test methods for these foam proportioners:
  • by reference to the European Standard for Foam Systems (EN 13565-1) or
  • detailed description of additional requirements and test methods in these CEA-Specifications.
This non-binding standard has been developed by prevention bodies, under the initiative of the insurers or their representatives grouped at European level in the Insurance Europe Prevention Forum.
The prevention bodies are:
  • ANPI asbl, Belgium
  • CEPREVEN, Spain
  • CNPP, France
  • DBI, Denmark
  • FPA (Fire Protection Association), United Kingdom
  • VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, Germany
The technical work has been carried out by the Expert Group 3.
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