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DVD Where there's smoke there’s danger (subtitled)

Translated and dubbed into English. Subtitling in French for hearing impaired.

Publications : 
January 2013

Format : 
17 minutes of DVD video

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Everyone knows that in a fire, smoke kills long before the flames do.
Through three short modules, this new film recalls why smoke is dangerous, how to behave when a fire breaks out, what appliances help to clear and evacuate smoke, and the physico-chemical characteristics of smoke.
  • DOMESTIC FIRES : Interviews with victims, fiction, reconstructions show the importance of properly reacting right from the start of a fire, and the value of smoke detectors in the first module.
  • FIRE IN THE FIRM : The second module presents the smoke extraction appliances that help to ensure the safety of people in the company.
  • UP IN SMOKE!”  : Why is smoke so dangerous?  What consequences can it have? These are the main questions addressed by the third module.

This is a demo video whose image is compressed and encoded with mentions and a translucent logo. It can not be used in training . This video is available provided that your network administrator has given you the rights . Our products for sale are excellent sound and visual quality.
Target public :
  • Trainers, training organizations
  • Safety managers, QHSE managers
  • Business managers (SMEs, SMIs), skilled workers, employers, site managers, operators
  • Workplace Health and Safety Committee members
  • OSH engineers, consulting engineers, prevention organizations
  • Second response team members, team leaders
  • Fire-fighters (prevention and planning departments, instructors)
  • Police
  • Local authorities, town halls
  • Consultants, auditors
  • Documentarists

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