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DVD on Fire Extinguishers / Fire Hose stations (dubbed)

French version translated and dubbed into English and Dutch. Subtitling in French for hearing impaired.

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September 2011

Format : 
15-minute video DVD

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This film, made using completely new footage, contains nearly a dozen first response scenarios inspired by situations encountered in commercial and industrial environments. The safety training facilitator has a realistic tool to demonstrate the proper behavior to adopt when working with fire extinguishers and fire hoses.  The advice given is simple, clear and easy to apply for one and all.

Fire-extinguishing processes - 5 min

Staff who know the characteristics of the classes of fires (A - B - C - D - E) as well as the mechanisms and methods of using different fire-extinguishing agents can use fire-extinguishing processes better (effectiveness, limitations and incompatibilities).

Fire extinguishers - 7 min

Using scenarios based on real-life situations in the service sector and industry, the first response team members learn how to carry out, alone or in a team, the right moves as well as effectively and safely use various fire-extinguishers. This module explains the operation of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers on several configurations of fire classes.

Fire hoses - 3 min

As first response equipment, using a fire hose requires knowledge and skills to be used effectively and safely in dealing with severe fires. Based on real-life scenarios, this module explains how to handle a fire hose or an additive fire extinguisher on several types of fires.

This is a demo video whose image is compressed and encoded with mentions and a translucent logo. It can not be used in training . This video is available provided that your network administrator has given you the rights . Our products for sale are excellent sound and visual quality.

Target public

  • Safety trainers, facilitators
  • Safety Officers (industry, services, managers of public access buildings (PAB), etc.)
  • Consultants
  • Safety service providers (manufacturers, installers, etc.)

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