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Fire vulnerability and risk assessment

Rule for carrying out fire prevention audit and consultancy assignments,R11 APSAD standard eBook,ISBN eBook 978-2-35505-215-6,

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November 2014

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eBook 978-2-35505-215-6

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The purpose of R11 APSAD standard is to support users, organizations, consultants or insurers in carrying out or requiring fire risk assessments in establishments of the agricultural, industrial, commercial, supply chain or service type. The assessments are based on regular visits by engineers or technicians with recognized qualifications, applying the method defined by the reference document in two possible ways:  
  • the risk analysis, which is used to allocate of an overall level of fire risk control based on the assessment of the “Prevention” and “Protection” items;
  • the vulnerability analysis, which is used to draft a vulnerability scenario and the possible consequences of a fire.
The purpose of these fire prevention audit and consultancy assign-ments (APCI) is to propose measures suitable for fire prevention and control, and to periodically check that the recommendations that were issued have been effectively implemented.
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