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Are you looking for a high-quality occupational training course in risk management and safety? We can help! To design the training course that meets your expectations, we combine several specialists in the risk in question (fire and explosion, safety / malicious acts, occupational health and safety, environmental damage), training managers and a network of outside instructors.
Trust us! The duration of the vocational training course, its objectives, curriculum, material resources and documentation as well as the profiles of the instructors are all designed to provide the response that is the most effective and most suitable for your employees and the issues at stake for your organization.
In 2013, our training teams drafted 1,574 customised occupational training courses, including :
Environmental damage
For a high-threshold Seveso classified site using a process based on methanol and hydrogen, our teams have designed and built a technical facility to carry out an operation on a hydrogen leak that has ignited but not expanded.
Security / Malicious acts
For a national mail delivery operator, we have organized and implemented a comprehensive training system for the prevention of anti-social behaviour throughout the country involving a team of 60 trainers.
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