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Our courses culminating in a diploma or professional qualifications in risk management, fire safety / malicious acts, and occupational health, safety and environmental issues are all at your service.


The Law of 6 March 2014 changed the market of training courses culminating in a diploma or professional qualification in France. The objective of the reform is to enhance business competitiveness while developing the skills of employees and their careers.
Since that date, the obligation to train employees supersedes the obligation to pay for training; the mandatory "0.9% of the payroll" as part of the corporate training plan was withdrawn.
You must be able to demonstrate, through the annual work-related interview, that your employee has progressed from a professional perspective and acquired new skills and qualifications.
We can help you! After written, oral or practical tests, we offer numerous skills training courses, resulting diplomas and certificates.   
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The CNPP offer in terms of certified professional qualifications

CNPP offers some 80 vocational training courses allowing trainees to obtain a diploma or certified professional qualification.

CNPP offers various courses resulting in a title registered with the National Directory of Professional Certifications and substantiating a level of level recognized by the French Ministry of National Education. The titles help accelerate staff careers, particularly within major groups, civil services and local authorities.
Consult the list of certified professional qualifications
As a French representative of the CFPA Europe, CNPP issue degrees recognized by each member of the CFPA in Europe.
The list of training courses concerned is available here
CNPP training courses also prepare trainees to obtain other diplomas :
Either issued by government authorities,
Or issued abroad by CNPP (European Technical Diploma)
CNPP issues a series of certified professional qualifications, endorsed by panels of safety professionals and highly valued by the corporate sector.
Some of these training courses lead to qualifications recognized by the French Ministry of National Education because they prepare trainees for specific
professions, while others demonstrate trainees have skills that further their expertise when carrying out their professional duties

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