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You want to ensure the on-going correlation between the sprinkler system you have installed and the operation of the site you have protected throughout its service life.

Opt for an N1 certificate
the certificate of conformity issued by CNPP after verification of compliance with the requirements of the APSAD R1 reference document.
To obtain this certificate, the design, drawing up plans, including water sources and installation of the systems may only be performed by an APSAD-certified installer.


An N1 installation project includes the following steps :
  • The risk analysis,
  • The commissioning of the sprinkler systems,
  • the conformity inspection,
  • The monitoring of the sprinkler systems,
  • The modifications, extensions or alterations to them.
 All of the requirements associated with each step are defined in the APSAD R1 reference document.

The biannual inspections are essentially those listed in the Q1 inspection report.
These operations are performed by an APSAD certified company for the half-yearly inspections with the issuance of the Q1 report, in the presence and with the participation of the user or the latter’s duly authorized representative.
If the system is supplied with mains water, the user must contact the municipal water department to check it maintains the sluice gates and subsidiary sluice gates, anti-pollution check valves, backflow preventers, etc.
The on-going validity of the N1 certificate of conformity depends on the implementation of corrective actions to address any non-conformity found in the Q1 report.

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